hybrid technology



hybrid technology

hybrid is the first ever twin layered adhesive technology for climbing skins. The upper layer sticks the skin firmly to the ski even at low temperatures and is removed with ease without leaving any residue on the ski base.

The lower layer binds the upper layer of adhesive to the skin backing.

The result:

hybrid technology boasts all qualities of hot melt and 'glueless' skins combined.

  • minimal effort required to separate adhesive sides from each other
  • effortless removal from the ski
  • no more regluing needed; simply wash the adhesive layer to restore tackiness
  • perfect ski base adhesion on multiple ascents
  • excellent tack even at very low temperatures

The brand

hybrid adhesive technology was launched onto the market by contour in 2013 after a three-year development and test period. contour is the result of almost 40 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of climbing skins. 100 % „Made in Austria“, contour climbing skins have proven performance in the toughest conditions throughout the world, whether it's ski mountaineering race or skinning up the local slopes.


My hybrid adhesive has lost some of its tackiness.

Tackiness is restored by simply cleaning the adhesive. If there is only a moderate amount of dirt on the adhesive, your contour hybrid skins can be cleaned with regular household detergent and a sponge:

My hybrid adhesive has lost some of its tackiness.

In most cases it is usually stubborn dirt, especially wax residue, that reduces the tackiness of the adhesive on our hybrid skins. Tackiness is restored by simply cleaning the adhesive. Use the hybrid cleaning spray and a household sponge to remove wax or dirt. Here’s a short video on how to apply the cleaning spray.
Rinse off with water, allow skins to dry and then cover the adhesive with backing foil or mesh to prevent skins from getting dirty.

How do I store my hybrid skins?

Always allow skins to dry out fully before storing them in their stuff sack.

Handling and Storage

To prevent dirt from contaminating the adhesive layer of your skins, we recommend wiping down the base of your skis with the microfibre cloth that comes with the pack sack.

All skins are waterproof treated when they leave the factory to prevent moisture absorption. Over time, this treatment wears off and it is important reapply waterproofing wax or spray to prevent skins from icing up. It also has the effect of increasing glide performance. Depending on the conditions you might want to treat your skins every 3-4 tours.