Hybrid Skins

Hybrid technology





is the first adhesive technology for climbing skins that is made up of two different layers. The adhesive layer reliably holds the skin to the ski base, can be easily removed, leaves no residue and works excellently even at low temperatures and when the skin has been applied several times.

A second layer of adhesive creates the connection between the back of the fur and the adhesive layer.

The result:

hybrid technology combines all the advantages of so-called "glue-free" skins with the proven properties of hot-melt glue skins.

  • Effortless handling, adhesive sides can be easily separated from each other
  • The skins are easy to detach from the base.
  • no recoating of the adhesive surface necessary, adhesive layer can be reactivated by cleaning
  • Perfect adhesion to the ski, even when the skins are applied several times
  • Adheres even at extremely low temperatures

The brand

hybrid adhesive technology was introduced by contour in 2013 after three years of development and testing. The contour brand combines more than 40 years of experience in the development and production of climbing skins. 100% "Made in Austria" contour climbing skins show their strengths in hard use on the mountains of the world, in competitions and at the edge of the piste.


My hybrid skins no longer adhere optimally to the ski base

Stubborn dirt, especially wax residue, reduces the adhesive strength. Regular cleaning is sufficient to maintain the adhesive layer. Use the hybrid cleaning spray with a household sponge to remove wax residue or dirt. Then rinse the skins with water and let them dry. For storage, the skins can be covered with protective film or net to prevent dirt.

storing the skins

Cover the adhesive layer with the supplied protective film and store the dried skins in the pack sack. This prevents contamination.

handling on tour

To prevent the adhesive layer from getting dirty, it is advisable to wipe the ski base clean with the microfiber cloth integrated in the skin bag before putting on the skins.

New skins are hydrophobic, i.e. treated against water absorption. With use, this treatment wears off and the skins must be treated with waterproofing agent or block wax. This also improves the gliding properties. Depending on the conditions, you can treat your skins after every 3-4 turns. Various products are available in specialist shops for this purpose.


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